Website Development

I have a number of clients who have their own websites which were created using various online systems like Wordpress and Squarespace. Programmes like these can create great looking websites and while some are more straight forward than others it's usually fairly straight forward to create a website that looks quite good. However there is also a lot of background work such as SEO, Analytics and maybe even additional coding such as mark up data that can be added to these site as well as some simple principles that can help you get the most out of your website. Everything from page headings to alt tags and meta data can have a big affect on how people find your website so I provide a consultation service which looks at which area's need improvement and then I can go in and make the necessary changes as either a one off or a regular update to suit you. This way you still retain full access to your website and I can just login or I can visit your home or business. Contact me for more information.


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