Website Design & Development

Websites are a necessity for any business and while you may already have a website it's worth checking that it's up to date. With the increased use in smartphones google searches via a smartphone or tablet will favour mobile friendly and responsive websites and if your website doesn't fit into this category it may not even appear at all. I can create simple and effective websites that help your business make the right first impression. I can also provide professional images for your website as part of my main business at Josh Harrison Photography. There are a number of pricing options depending what package will be the most suitable for you. If you would like a free consultation you can contact me for more details.

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Web Design

A user friendly design is great but your site also needs good quality original content and images. I provide most of the images for my websites through my main work at Josh Harrison Photography. No one knows your business better than you so it should be you that provides the content, however I know it can sometimes be difficult to put it all into words so I can recommend some great local PR services that would provide you the content you need.

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Search Engine Optimisation is about getting the best position possible on search engines. If your business is the only coffee shop for 100 miles it's going to be straight forward, if your business is one of 30 coffee shops on the same street it's going to require a bit more work. The websites all include the essential SEO and I can also recommend the best ways to use marketing and social media to help build your website traffic without spending a fortune.

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Website analytics help monitor website traffic to provide an insight into what people like. As well as monitoring how many people visit your site and which pages they visit, you can see which advertising is worth the money and which might not be having the desired effect. It also monitors how people find your site eg, through google or a post you shared on social media. It's all helpful to know when your planning your next marketing campaign.

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