New Charges For Google API's

Google has recently updated their charges for their API's meaning certain tools such as google maps which are embedded into websites may incur charges. They do also provide with you with credit to your account each month so if you only use basic API's which have basic or no charges then it still shouldn't cost you anything. However if you're site uses more interactive elements of google maps and other services and you have high volume's of website traffic then this could start to add up. I have been working through the sites I run making changes towards the basic API's which still provide the services needed but won't cost my clients extra money. Below is an example of an embedded google map with some additional coding to make it fully responsive. For more information on google maps pricing you can read this article

Why .htaccess is Important

.htaccess files are helpful in directing people to the correct version of your website. If you have a secure website you will actually have four versions of your website,,, and It's it important for google and other search engines to pick one of these to use and make sure all others point to the one you have chosen. There are many tutorials online for htaccess which will give you the code you need to accomplish this. It's also important for 301 redirects if you have updated your site and changed or amended any URL's. Some sites may be linking to a page that no longer exists which can lose you business so it's important to redirect these old pages to the new pages. There are many other uses for htaccess which you can find online but these are the most important.

Tips For Promoting Your Website

Once you have a website up and running thats great, but even with the best website in the world you need to market it. Obviously your site will be optimised for google and other search engines but if no one visits your website then it won't start to move up the search rankings. Here are some simple tips that can help you to promote your website.

1. It may seem obvious but there are so many people who don't think to add their website address to any print and digital marketing. Whether you are sharing a facebook post or advertising in a newspaper or magazine, always include your website details.

2. If you use content to market your business such as a facebook page or email newsletter, use this to funnel people to your website. If you write the whole article online or on an email then why would they need to visit your website? Just type an introduction and display the full news article on your website for customers to read.

3. Set up mutual links to other websites that relate to your business or to companies that you work with.

For more advice about promoting your website with print and digital marketing you can contact me here.

Making Your Website Secure

The new GDPR rules which are EU regulations regarding data processing will come into effect in May 2018 so it's a good time to get things up to date with your website. An SSL certificate will make sure your website is secure for data protection purposes as well as been favoured by google in search results as it will show it is a genuine website. There are a number of other areas you can update to help keep your website as google friendly as possible so if you would like to discuss updating or creating a new website for yourself or your business then please contact me for more details.

Beauty Salon Website Design

This was one of the first websites I created and I have just updated it onto a content managed system so that the staff can login and make alterations to price lists and opening times when needed. I have also embedded there Facebook feed into the site so people can view their social media promotions and encourage visitors to like their page to stay up to date with any news and offers.


Garage Website Design

When I first set up this website it was on the 3rd or 4th page on google for most of the relevant searches and even if you searched for the name directly there was another Crescent Garage down south somewhere which was coming up first. Now it appears first when searched for directly and appears in the top three results for most of the relevant searches that we have been targeting. This has been achieved partly with the SEO on the site and partly through the owner promoting it on social media as well as linking to some other companies.


Content Managed Website Design

A content managed website means that you have the ability to log in and make alterations, add news and blog updates, add photos and basically keep things up to date yourself. I've been running this site for a number of years and I've recently updated this website so that they are able to update things themselves. I can still manage the technical side and search engine optimisation and I can still add content when I'm required to take some professional images of a project, but they can now make sure information is up to date and upload blog updates straight from their phones.


Construction Company Website Design

For SH Companies website I regularly provide photography of ongoing construction projects that I then add to their website and social media. It means their portfolios stay up to date and customers can see what they are working on.


Restaurant Website Design

I've just finished the updates to Stuart's Of Driffield website. With one restaurant and six takeaways this site features all the information regarding opening times, locations, contact details and interactive maps for each location.


Is Your Website Repsonsive?

Google recently changed it's processes so that if you are searching via a phone or tablet, only responsive or mobile friendly websites will be displayed in the search results. That means if you have an older website which is difficult to view on a mobile device it will probably not even show up in the search results. Most newer website are fully responsive meaning they adapt and change depending what device you view them on. This ensure how ever people are viewing your site they don't have issues finding the information they need.