Tips For Promoting Your Website

Once you have a website up and running thats great, but even with the best website in the world you need to market it. Obviously your site will be optimised for google and other search engines but if no one visits your website then it won't start to move up the search rankings. Here are some simple tips that can help you to promote your website.

1. It may seem obvious but there are so many people who don't think to add their website address to any print and digital marketing. Whether you are sharing a facebook post or advertising in a newspaper or magazine, always include your website details.

2. If you use content to market your business such as a facebook page or email newsletter, use this to funnel people to your website. If you write the whole article online or on an email then why would they need to visit your website? Just type an introduction and display the full news article on your website for customers to read.

3. Set up mutual links to other websites that relate to your business or to companies that you work with.

For more advice about promoting your website with print and digital marketing you can contact me here.